A collection designed to enable you to create a unique office. Subtle design elements like post formed doors and drawers that also increase asepsis qualities and durability, and steel bases that make installation easy and are 100% waterproof are what blend form and function and give your office an unmistakable sense of class. When you need professional looking cabinet systems that will stand the test of time, our Signature Series is the way to go. 

Steel Base

Our one-piece, welded 5 inch high kick base in not only strong…its also waterproof and corrosion resistant. It incorporates our heavy-duty adjustable feet for leveling, and powder coating makes it scratch and rust resistant.

Post Formed Laminate

We don’t corner, we round. We avoid 90° corners in our doors, drawer fronts and support columns. Increases durability and asepsis qualities. Reduces chipping. And looks good.

Soft Close Doors

Doors and drawers close quietly and completely with soft close technology hinges and drawer slides. Maintain a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with little details that make a world of difference.

Plywood Construction

Insides count. For increased strength, our cabinet bottoms are real plywood. It’s water-resistant and the access openings in the bottom allow easy routing of equipment conduits/cables.