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We believe your dental cabinetry should compliment your workflow, fit your space, and give your environment an unmistakable sense of class....

We understand that you need specialized designs and custom options to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere that is efficient, productive, and agile for you and your staff....

Partnering with architects, designers and general contractors, we bring deep knowledge and experience to your project from design to installation....

From design to planning, construction and finishes our goal is to exceed your expectations and produce the environment you have in mind for your patients and staff....


  1. Spectacular

    During the pre-construction phase the Bow Wood rep came out to show me their standard of quality and flexibility to match the design requirements. The results were spectacular.…Read More

    Dr. B
  2. After 5 Years

    I have found the product to be extremely satisfactory on 2 levels. Firstly the functionality is very good. Everything is placed in an ideal position. Secondly the cabinetry is very durable. After 5 ye…Read More

    Dr. P
  3. Thrilled

    We are still so absolutely thrilled with the cabinetry! I am "showing it off" on a regular basis - taking long-time clientele on tours of all the rooms! The staff and clientele are so appreciative of …Read More

    Dr. P

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