Designed to fit, built to perform. At Bow Wood, that’s our passion. We believe every dental practice and every dentist is different, and the cabinetry systems they rely on should be too. Instead of outfitting dental practices with standard modules, we work with doctors, designer and equipment dealers to create solutions for custom dental cabinets that complement the doctor’s workflow, maximizes the office space and transform the space to a beautiful office that inspires doctors, staff and patients alike.

In 1999, Bow Wood launched its first line of custom dental cabinetry after seeing the need for cabinet systems that could be tailored to client’s workflows and office spaces. Our line of cabinetry was based on industry standards, but fine-tuned for efficiency, functionality, durability, and allowed dentists to customize them to suit their workflow, fit their office space and express their personality through unlimited colour choices and design options. Over 20 years later, we are still working with dentists to create cabinet systems that re-define their practices.

We are committed to quality, sustainability and efficient business growth. Through lean manufacturing, we empower everyone on our team to improve, grow and reach their dreams.

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