1. Organized

    Please find reviewed millwork shop drawings. Please pass along to Bow Wood how great this package was! Very organized and I appreciate their attention to detail. I have seen a lot of less than stellar submittals in my days for millwork so it is always important to pass along positive feedbacks to the companies that are doing good work.…Read More

  2. Building trust

    Your quick responses to the incidences both before and after the sales is noticed by those with whom you interact.  I just want you to know that your attitude is very effective and positive and for that, I am deeply grateful. It is certainly building trust in Bow Wood. Dr B____ is also very pleased with his installation. …Read More

    Dr. B., via Bow Wood Rep USA
  3. Spectacular

    During the pre-construction phase the Bow Wood rep came out to show me their standard of quality and flexibility to match the design requirements. The results were spectacular.…Read More

    Dr. B