1. Creating an Office as Classic as the LBD!

    Almost 100 years ago Coco Chanel debuted the little black dress as long lasting, affordable and accessible to the widest market possible.  Today, the LBD is as classic and timeless as it ever was. So how can you create a timeless office that will still look vogue in a decade’s time? Start with a …Read More

  2. A Few Things You Can Do To Put Your Patients At Ease

    At Bow Wood Cabinet Systems, we strive to lead our industry in high quality medical and dental cabinetry that’s built to last. We’ve written in the past about the importance of creating an office with a classic look and it’s certainly true that utilizing classic design elements in conjunction …Read More

  3. How to Decorate Your Office Cabinets for Maximum Results

    If you work in the medical field, chances are that you care about people. After all, you went into a field whose sole purpose is to help those who are in need. How does this relate to medical cabinetry, you ask? Great question! Luckily for you, it’s also the topic of today’s blog. Multiple studi…Read More