Almost 100 years ago Coco Chanel debuted the little black dress as long lasting, affordable and accessible to the widest market possible.  Today, the LBD is as classic and timeless as it ever was. So how can you create a timeless office that will still look vogue in a decade’s time?

Start with a classic colour scheme

There’s a reason why black and white never goes out of style.  The high contrast combination is sophisticated and classic.  Different shades and variations can look great too.  Grey is an excellent choice and looks great with white or cream.  Adding pops of colour keeps the space interesting and reflects your personality and style in the space.  A coloured piece of artwork, a bean bag chair or a vase are easy ways to add colour, and can be swapped out as seasons, trends and tastes change to keep the office looking fresh and up to date.  Adding pops of colour to the walls or cabinets is a subtle way to introduce colours to your office.  Black and white may be classic, but colour adds interest and uniqueness to your office.

Have a great lighting plan

Lighting can make or break your office.  Poor lighting can cause drowsiness, boredom, headaches and eye strain.  But a great lighting plan can make the space feel larger and more inviting and make the space bright, airy and comfortable. Using a mix of ambient, task and decorative lighting is important to a great lighting plan. Maximizing the natural light makes the space brighter and more energizing, and also has a positive effect on your health.  Great lighting eventuates good design and makes the office look and feel great.


Think ahead

Where are you going to be in the next 10 years? Planning for the future is an essential to creating a timeless office.  If you outgrow you clinic in 3 years, that’s great – your practice is growing, but did you outgrow it because your client tripled or because of poor design didn’t account for growth?  Plan for growth and keep the changing technology in mind.  As technology evolves and you implement new equipment and procedures, the space requirements change.

Look at the Details

There is a big difference between understated and boring. And it’s in the little details.  White cabinets with white countertops could look very drab, but what about white cabinets with a white solid surface top with cut glass that sparkles and statement stainless steel hardware?  Suddenly all white looks classic and elegant. Clean, sleek lines can look modern and clinical, but by mixing in textures, natural elements and décor you can create a space that reflects your style.

Creating a timeless office is not as hard as you might think.  A great design will transform your space into a place energizing and motivating for you, your staff and your patients and that will look and function beautifully in 10 years or more. Check out this gallery of a classic black and white office.

Of course we’re to help every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bow Wood today!