One question we hear all the time is “Prefabricated Cabinets or Custom Cabinetry?”  If you’re thinking built in millwork cabinets or IKEA cabinets when you hear custom dental cabinets, think again.  Custom dental cabinets are modular, but you have the ability to change design and features.  They can still be written off as dental equipment but they are optimized for the way you work.   Here are five reasons why custom dental cabinets are a better choice.  

1) Quality

Prefabricated cabinets are usually churned out on an assembly line; custom dental cabinets are taken from the design stage to the manufacturing stage with you and your specifications at the front of our mind.  Quality materials are used and the cabinets are crafted by experienced workers who have a passion for their craft and workmanship.  Custom dental cabinets aren’t stocked because they are built to fit.

2) Streamlined Workflow

Time is a precious commodity, and spending time working around your cabinetry is not time well spent.  With custom dental cabinets you can streamline your workflow.  Additional shelves, a different drawer bank configuration, or a shorter island length are easy to change on custom cabinets, but they can make a big difference on your efficiency.  Designing around the available space, not the prefab cabinet modules, can improve productivity and efficiency.

3) Customization

It’s hard to set your office apart if the other dental clinics in the area have the same cabinets as you.  Your team and your expertise set your clinic apart, but your office is the first impression a new patient has of your office, so add personality and inject your style into your office with custom dental cabinetry.  You can choose almost any colour, hardware and finishes, add interest with custom back panels and end panels, and create a cohesive design throughout your office by blending your office theme with your cabinet design.

4) Ergonomics

In short, ergonomics is how we interact with our work environment and the equipment we use.  Good ergonomics make it easier and safer to perform our tasks.  Not everyone is the same height, so lowering the countertop height could make a big difference in your office ergonomics or placing USB hubs and electrical outlets within easy reach on your cabinetry could improve productivity and make the workplace smarter.

5) Complement Your Space

Often precious space is wasted and architectural features of offices are hidden because standard modules are used and cannot be tailored to fit the space perfectly. Using custom cabinetry allows you to complement your office space and make the most out of the floor space and design.  The ability to customize your cabinet systems gives you the ability and freedom to design your office in a way that looks fantastic, streamlines your workflow and improve efficiency, and bring out the best of your office floor plan.