Instantly add style and personality to your office with custom back panels on any finished back cabinet.  You can make a bold statement without a big price tag!

There are thousands of different colours, wood grains, patterns and textures of laminate to choose from. Narrowing your search by determining your style and colour scheme is a great way to find the right laminate. Would a solid bright colour, a modern or rustic wood grain, a natural linen looking laminate or abstract pattern suit your office best and reflect your style?
Keep your clientele and the mood of your office in mind when choosing the laminate – are most of your guests children or do you offer spa-like dentistry?  But most importantly, choose a laminate that reflects your style and makes you happy!
For a consistent, sophisticated look, we recommend choosing 1 laminate and using it throughout the office.  To create a more cheerful, bight and easy to navigate office, try choosing multiple accent laminates and colour code the rooms.
No matter what your style or budget, we’re sure that you’ll find something to personalize your cabinets with!  Below is a list of links with reliable, laminate suppliers with great products.  Find the laminate you love and let us know which ones to order for your project!
Some laminates may be special order or from a specific collection which may affect the price.  Please contact one of our representatives at or 1-888-269-9663 if you would like assistance, we’re happy to help you!