The first impression of you and your care that your patients will have is your waiting room.  So going above and beyond to make your clients feel welcome is a great start to having happy customers that stay and refer their friends.   How can you make it more inviting for your patients?

  1.       Almost every office has a water cooler, but what about a carafe with fruit or mint infused water and a basket of fresh fruit or packaged snack bars? Spending a few extra minutes to add a special touch goes a long way.
  2.       Fresh flowers can instantly brighten up a room and are a universal sign of welcome.  Studies have shown they also improve our mood and make people feel more relaxed.
  3.       Give each patient a friendly greeting.  A cheery hello and a smile is the best way to welcome your patients.  Some offices take a picture of each new patient and have it on the patient’s file so that when they arrive, they can be greeted by name.  When someone greets you by name you feel like you belong and you are appreciated.
  4.       Tidy up the waiting room and reception area.  Muddy floors, dusty tables and worn out chairs don’t give your patients a good impression.

Making people feel welcome and at ease in your office is important to retaining and attracting patients.  Taking the time to add an unexpected touch can make someone’s day and can boost the morale of your whole office.

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