Children’s dentistry is imperative for good oral health as they grow older. However, going to the dentist can be scary for kids, so it’s crucial to create an environment that pint sized patients enjoy and feel safe in. Taking the time to carefully plan the colour scheme and décor for a kid-pleasing atmosphere and different spaces for nervous children or loud procedures will put you ahead of the game for a successful pedantic dental clinic design!

Check out this article from Design Rulz for some fantastic ideas!

Make it Fun!

Creating an office that is welcoming and comfortable for kids and parents is important for a successful pediatric dental office. When the kids are happy and at ease, the parents can relax too. A great play area where kids are free to let their imagination run wild and have fun is a great way to help take their minds off the dental appointment. Using colour and playful elements such as character themed operatory rooms or fun playrooms  keeps little ones engaged and enthused about their visit to the dental office. Colour match cabinet laminate and chair upholstery, use textured or patterned laminate for end or back panels on cabinets to add interest and style to your office.

Make it Pint-Sized!

Being able to connect with children and making them feel comfortable is important to making them feel safe. Design custom dental cabinetry with lower countertops so kids can reach the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands lets them know that your office cares about them and also encourages good hygiene.

Make It Comfortable!

Having a mix of open concept operatory, semi-private and closed rooms is important in pediatric dentist offices. Studies show that children are more relaxed in open concept spaces rather than a confined space. Also, being able to see other children and watch them in the dental chair builds trust with the doctor and helps ease anxiety.

Some children are very sensitive to their surroundings, so they might do better in a semi-private room. Having the different types of rooms to accommodate different personality types is very helpful to making the child feel comfortable and at ease and for making the parents more relaxed and confident. For especially nervous children, a closed room can make them feel safer and also prevent them from making other patients anxious. Closed rooms are also good for noisy procedures so that other patients are not scared and remain calm.  

Make it Familiar!

Many pediatric offices use a wall to wall rear support system with pediatric benches or dental chairs. The wall to wall unit makes it easy to share sinks between chairs and makes the most out of the wall space available for storage and extra space. Some clinics prefer to use pediatric benches instead of dental chairs to make it feel more familiar. The benches are similar to those in hospitals and are stationary, unlike dental chairs, which can cause children to feel like they are falling when the chair moves. Custom pediatric benches to match the dental cabinetry give the office a neat, tidy, designer appearance while maximizing office storage. We’ve outfitted multiple Children’s World Dentistry locations with custom cabinets.

Let’s Get Started!

Creating a great atmosphere that kids love is the first step to a successful pediatric office. Helping them relax and realize that going to the dentist really isn’t scary at all makes the whole procedure for the child, parents, and doctor a lot easier! Our team is amazing at coming up with solutions that will work for your pediatric office to help workflow and make a trip to the dentist enjoyable for kids and their parents. Contact us today for help with office design and custom dental cabinets for pediatric dental offices.